Landscape & Hardscape Services

New Finish Landscapes & Design offers an impressive range of landscaping services in and around Twin City's Metro area. We cater to all big and small residential and commercial landscaping requirements and manage paver installations for all outdoor areas like patios, decks, driveways, and walkways. However, that is only part of what we do- our company also installs hardscaping elements and pools, landscape drainage, and tackles landscape maintenance tasks like fall, spring, and storm clean-ups. We have the expertise, resources, and skills to manage all these and many other landscaping tasks. We offer quality, and our team is creative, knowledgeable, and certified to handle all these jobs. We create the best experiences for our clients and work hard to ensure 100% satisfaction no matter the scale of the job. Our approach ensures that our clients receive the services they need cost-effectively and efficiently. In addition to new landscaping projects, we also handle our clients' landscape upgrades and remodeling projects.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design, Twin City's Metro area

Our landscape design services provide creative, customized solutions tailored to your property and lifestyle. With innovative thinking and expertise, we develop unique concepts that transform your yard into a personalized outdoor sanctuary. Our process begins with an in-depth consultation where we listen closely to understand your vision and assess the landscape potential. We consider functionality, traffic flow, lighting, hardscapes, softscapes, and architectural features that work best for the space and reflect your style preferences. With 3D visualization tools, we bring design concepts to life so you can fully experience the layout before installation. Our designers remain flexible, adjusting until the plan aligns seamlessly with how you envision using the space. We are committed to crafting master plans that maximize enjoyment, aesthetics, and practicality. Our personalized approach and uncompromising attention to detail allow us to create landscapes that work perfectly for you. We will provide a beautiful, functional outdoor living environment that is a pleasure to use and a value addition to your property. Read More About Landscape Design >>

3D Renderings

Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

Bringing landscapes to life before installation is one of our highly sought-after service offerings. Our 3D rendering services allow you to visualize the completed outdoor space through detailed, photorealistic images and videos. This immersive visual experience lets you view space from all angles, walk through the renderings, and experience different lighting effects. We collaborate with you on the designs and then use advanced software to create stunning 3D representations showing hardscapes, finishes, vegetation, and architectural elements in lifelike detail. This approach helps refine the layout and make design adjustments before breaking ground. Our renderings also illustrate traffic flow, the functionality of gathering areas, and the proposed feel of the space. This innovative service provides you with confidence in the outcome and ensures the installation aligns with your outdoor living vision. Our digital drawings transform vague concepts into concrete designs, unlock your imagination, and get you excited to start construction on a personalized outdoor space. Read More About 3D Renderings >>

Plants & Trees

Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

Our horticulture experts assist clients with every plant and tree installation phase for a healthy, sustainable landscape. We begin by assessing your existing yard and discussing your vision to make informed recommendations on species that thrive in your zone and environmental conditions. We suggest plants that suit your space, maintenance preferences, and design goals and develop planting plans using trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses that provide multi-season interest and color. Our team handles planting tasks like purchasing quality stock from reputable growers, preparing holes and beds for proper spacing, and amending soil. We advise on best practices for watering, fertilizing, and pruning new plantings. Our guidance allows you to establish and nurture landscape greenery that maximizes beauty, sustainability, and enjoyment for years. With our horticulture knowledge, we help landscapes flourish naturally while reflecting your unique vision for your outdoor areas. Read More About Plants & Trees >>

Paver Patios

Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

Our customized paver patios create inviting outdoor living spaces to relax and entertain. We collaborate with you on a patio layout and material selection that complements your home's architecture and yard. With careful planning, we choose durable pavers in natural hues, varied textures, and unique patterns that reflect your style. Our artisans precisely install the patio surface, whether elegant cut stone, classic brick, or modern concrete pavers. We seamlessly connect the patio to indoor spaces using borders, paths, and step-downs. We grade and excavate the base for longevity, using porous materials below ground to manage drainage. Based on your vision, we can incorporate stylish complements like fire pits and pergolas. Our properly constructed patios stand the test of time while providing an elegant relaxation area outside your indoor living space. We create distinctive patios with our innovative designs and high-grade workmanship. Our designers tailor these services to your needs so you get a space that becomes a treasured part of your outdoor lifestyle. Read More About Paver Patios >>

Paver Walkways

Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

Our paver walkway services create inviting pathways that complement your landscape’s style. We collaborate with you on the walkway design, ensuring it coordinates with the home exterior, patios, and driveways. After excavating and installing a compacted base, our artisans precisely lay the pavers, whether a classic brick pattern or a unique stone mosaic walkway. We use your preferred paver colors, sizes, and textures from leading brands to match your vision. Our crews pay meticulous attention to detail, properly leveling and spacing pavers while incorporating edging and decorative accents if desired. We also handle drainage considerations to prevent pooling. With our planning expertise, we construct stable walkway connections to patios, driveways, and outdoor living areas. Our skillfully installed paver walkways provide an elegant, welcoming feel while standing up to years of foot traffic. Our hardscaping skills will create pathways that accentuate your property’s architecture and lead you through stunning outdoor areas. Read More About Paver Walkways >>

Paver Driveways

Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

Pavers are the ideal material for long-lasting driveways as they are durable, low-maintenance, and available in various colors and patterns. Our paver driveway services provide quality installations within your budget. We help you choose the perfect pavers for your home's style, whether a classic brick, unique stone set, or modern concrete. After excavating and grading, we install a sturdy base meeting code requirements. Our crews use advanced techniques to level sand or aggregate precisely and then hand-set pavers in the chosen pattern. We also handle edges with concrete restraints to prevent shifting. In addition to new driveway installations, we also renovate or replace deteriorating ones. Our team will remove and dispose of old materials before installing fresh, durable pavers. Throughout the process, we ensure proper drainage and slope for longevity. With a focus on perfection every step of the way, we build you a superb driveway that enhances curb appeal and withstands regular use for years. Read More About Paver Driveways >>

Pool Decks

Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

Our creative pool deck designs and premier installations help to elevate your outdoor areas. We collaborate with you to plan the perfect deck layout, traffic flow, and aesthetics. After excavating and grading, we install durable concrete or natural stone pavers in eye-catching patterns like herringbone and cobblestone. Our crews pay attention to detail, properly leveling and spacing pavers, and incorporate unique touches like inlaid designs, compass roses, or stone mosaics. We can also construct retaining walls, built-in benches, and planters along the pool deck edges to provide seating and greenery. For safety, we use non-slip finishes and slope the deck for proper drainage. We also install complements like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and pergolas to enhance your poolside gathering spaces. With structural engineering expertise, we ensure the pool deck foundation withstands heavy use and lasts long. Our innovative solutions provide a beautifully designed, high-quality pool deck tailored to your vision that complements the pool and landscape perfectly. Read More About Pool Decks >>


Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

Our customized pergola services add beauty and shade to any outdoor space. We work closely with you to design an attractive pergola tailored to your landscape needs and style preferences. We create stylish pergola structures using modern materials like powder-coated aluminum, composite wood, or vinyl. We handle the complete installation process, from layout and excavation to securing posts and beams to assembling the perfect overhead framing for your pergola. Experts add aesthetic touches like recessed lighting or ceiling fans based on your vision. Our carpenters will shape pergola beams and louvers to your specifications, perfect for a cozy sitting area or dining space. They use proper construction techniques and build durable, low-maintenance pergolas that stand the test of time. Our creative and innovative custom pergolas will enhance your patio, deck, or garden. We ensure these features fall within your budget and create spaces where you can relax and entertain guests in your yard’s comfort. Read More About Pergolas >>

Retaining Walls

Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

Our team specializes in constructing beautiful, functional retaining walls using the latest proven systems. After assessing your landscape needs, we recommend the ideal retaining wall design and materials to prevent erosion and add usable space to your property. We employ advanced techniques to build sturdy, long-lasting retaining walls. Our retaining wall systems create natural-looking walls that complement your landscape. We handle all aspects of the installation process professionally, from layout and excavation to leveling and backfilling. We focus on proper wall construction to improve drainage, stability, and aesthetics. With decades of combined expertise, our crews precisely install quality retaining walls that withstand the elements and the test of time. Call us today if you are looking for reliable, expertly-built retaining walls that solve your landscape challenges. We build structures that meet these needs while enhancing the beauty and functionality of your exterior living areas. Our company handles retaining wall construction for commercial and residential clients. Read More About Retaining Walls >>


Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

Installing high-quality stairs is one of our hardscaping services. We work with you to determine the optimal stair design, dimensions, and materials to integrate into your yard. Precise grading and excavation of the stair foundation come first, creating a solid base on which to build. We use sturdy concrete or long-lasting block pavers for the steps, adhering to local building codes for proper step depth, width, and riser height. We mold professional-grade forms and pour a reinforced mix for maximum strength for concrete. Pavers come in various styles, from elegant brick to unique stone-like patterns, allowing for customization. We also install complementing stair railings and lighting for safety and visibility. We focus on proper installation techniques, grading treads appropriately for drainage, and filling joints between pavers to prevent shifting. We only use industry-leading materials and equipment to construct stunning, high-quality stairs that will be an asset to your landscape. Our staircase construction expertise elevates your yard while providing lasting functionality for years to come. Read More About Stairs >>


Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

Proper drainage is a crucial part of any landscape design. After a thorough site assessment and discussion with the client, our team recommends and installs the appropriate drainage system to suit the property's unique needs. We utilize trench drains, catch basins, and underground pipe networks made of durable PVC or perforated plastic to efficiently direct water flow away from the home and hardscapes. We prevent pooling and erosion by slope grading the terrain and incorporating drainage layers of gravel and sand. Our drainage solutions protect structures from water damage and promote healthier grass and plants by eliminating soggy soil and standing water. We handle rainfall runoff eco-friendly, dispersing it across vegetated areas or drain fields to allow filtration before reentering watersheds. Our drainage expertise keeps landscapes looking their best while safeguarding your investment. We offer these services for residential and commercial landscapes of all shapes and sizes. Read More About Drainage >>


Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

We provide professional mulching services to help protect and beautify your gardens and planting beds. Applying fresh mulch regularly is essential for plant and soil health. As experienced landscapers, we take care of the entire mulching process so you can enjoy a refreshed landscape that looks its best. We begin by removing old, compacted mulch to allow aeration and prevent disease. Next, we prepare the soil and apply your choice of premium organic mulch materials like cedar, cypress, or pine bark. A suitable layer of mulch helps plantings retain moisture, and the soil stays cooler while minimizing weeds. Our crews neatly install edges along borders and trees with precision. We can mulch when it's most convenient on your schedule. With regular mulching from our team, your perennials, ornamentals, trees, and groundcovers thrive in a bed of protected, nourished soil. Replenish and beautify your landscape this season with a complete mulching service from our mulch experts. Read More About Mulching >>

Fire Pits

Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

Elevate your outdoor living space with a gorgeous fire pit customized and installed by the experts at our company. Our experienced team has the skills to handle fire pit projects from concept to completion. We work closely with you to design the ideal fire pit incorporating high-quality materials such as concrete blocks, pavers, stone veneers, and retaining wall systems that complement your landscape. Drawing from our product partners, we construct the fire pit foundation and structure tailored to your specifications, whether freestanding or built-in. Our design expertise ensures optimal safety, functionality, and aesthetics. As needed, we incorporate surrounding patio surfaces, seating areas, and privacy screens. We build a focal point tailored for your enjoyment with options from gas-powered contemporary styles to wood-burning fire pits surrounded by stone. With proper construction, permits, and gas or drainage installation, our crew handles every aspect. For an artfully designed fire pit that provides ambiance, warmth, and beauty to your outdoor living space, call us and experience our high-quality service. Read More About Fire Pits>>

Decorative Water Features

Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

We specialize in installing stunning decorative water features to enhance residential and commercial landscapes. As experienced hardscaping experts, we can add a focal point to your property with custom water features backed by our creativity, skill, and dedication to quality craftsmanship. The range of water options we design and install includes ponds, fountains, tiered falls, spillways, streams, rock waterfalls, and more. We handle water features for new landscapes, renovations, and upgrades and can combine various water features to create stunning waterscapes on your property. We can match your vision with options for elegant stone and rock designs or sleek contemporary concrete. You’ll enjoy the soothing ambiance of trickling water day and night. We handle the entire process, from consultation to project management, to bring you a visually appealing, sustainable water feature tailored to your exterior space. For innovative water features that impress sight and sound, hire us for the artistry and hardscaping expertise of our certified and experienced team. Read More About Decorative Water Features >>

Garden Landscapes

Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

As seasoned garden landscaping specialists, we have the expertise and resources to plan stunning, functional outdoor spaces customized for your property. Residential and commercial garden landscapes require different considerations than typical yards, and our dedicated team understands the intricacies of designing flourishing beautiful garden environments. We pay special attention to selecting the right plants, layouts, hardscapes, and features based on the location's unique conditions and your wishes. Our designers expertly incorporate structure, color, elevations, focal points, and textures to create an immersive outdoor experience. We handle all aspects of installation, including planting, irrigation, lighting, construction features, and decor. Our landscape designers stay involved through maintenance to ensure your garden thrives. We have years of cumulative experience enhancing residential and commercial gardens, and you can rely on us to bring your garden vision to life with care and skill. While we provide high-quality services, you will find we maintain fair pricing, which means you can hire us without worrying about excessive landscaping costs. Read More About Garden Landscapes >>

Fall, Spring, Storm Clean Ups

Custom Landscaping, Twin City's Metro area

As your trusted local landscaping company, we provide efficient, reliable fall, spring, and storm clean-up services for residential and commercial clients. When seasonal changes and weather events leave behind fallen leaves, debris, and damage to your property, you can count on our team to restore order and function quickly. We perform complete, meticulous clean-ups, tailoring our process to fully meet your expectations each time. Our crews thoroughly clean leaves, branches, and refuse from yards, gardens, roofs, gutters, and outdoor structures. After high winds or severe storms, we remediate any horticultural or property damage. As we are local to your area, you never have to wait long for our landscaping professionals to respond and rapidly mobilize our landscape maintenance team when you need timely clean-up assistance. For comprehensive clean-up services handled promptly and professionally by a team, you can trust, choose us, and experience the difference. Read More About Fall, Spring, Storm Clean Ups >>

Project Planning & Financing

Project Planning, Bloomington, MN

We offer comprehensive landscape and hardscape design and installations in Bloomington, MN, and effective project planning is the cornerstone of our work. By outlining every aspect of the project, we ensure that we exceed client expectations in every project. We understand that financial constraints may vary from client to client, and securing adequate financing is vital for executing projects of varying scales and complexities. Therefore, we offer flexible payment plans that accommodate diverse budgetary requirements, ensuring accessibility to our services for all. We can also work with you to create a payment schedule that aligns with project milestones, allowing you to spread the cost throughout the project duration. When required, we can connect you with reputable lenders specializing in home improvement loans. This allows you to finance the entire project and repay the loan over a set period with monthly installments. We focus on providing high-quality service and a delightful experience to every client in every project. Read More About Project Planning & Financing >>

Regardless of project size or scope, our top priority is providing superb landscape services tailored to your unique property and requirements. When installing a simple paver patio or designing an elaborate poolscape, our team devotes the same diligent attention to detail and commitment to excellence. We take the time to understand how you envision using your yard, then develop solutions that transform the space into your ideal personalized outdoor oasis. Our expertise ensures every hardscape, planting, lighting element, and finish comes together seamlessly to create surroundings that match your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. With a focus on customization and flawless installations, we build outdoor living environments that become treasured assets reflecting your vision. For detailed information about our services, please call New Finish Landscapes & Design at 612-296-0974. You can also email us through this Contact Us form, and one of our experts will call you to discuss the project specifics, set up an onsite visit, and start your project.

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