Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls, Bloomington, MN

Many residential and commercial properties in the Twin City's Metro area, area can benefit from retaining walls for functional and aesthetic reasons. Some homeowners want retaining walls to fortify grades, prevent soil erosion, or manage elevation changes across their landscape.

Others desire retaining walls for their visual appeal, using them to flank staircases, patios, gardens, or other features. These robust walls create usable spaces for seating and plant beds on multi-tiered properties. Our skilled crews properly install these structural elements to retain grade separations securely.

Correctly engineered structures lend a polished, finished look to gardens and yards on residential and commercial properties. With suitable materials and designs, they become striking focal points complementing the architecture, and our professional approach ensures the best results.

Our Retaining Wall Services

New Finish Landscapes & Design provides exceptional retaining wall construction services built to impress. Our experienced team handles building beautiful retaining walls for both residential and commercial settings in Twin City's Metro area, using leading brand systems and materials. You can rely on our expertise for aesthetically pleasing retaining walls that securely resolve your landscape's grade transition needs for lasting results.

Different Types of Retaining Walls

We recommend the most suitable retaining wall of these types:

  • Modular block walls using interlocking blocks made of concrete or natural stone, and their patterns and color blends create distinctive looks popular for visibility.

  • Timber retaining walls using sustainably sourced wood. We use pressure-treated beams and posts secured with earth anchors, and it is ideal for a natural, rustic aesthetic.

  • Natural stone retaining walls are assembled from weather-resistant fieldstone, limestone, bluestone, or granite, and they come in multi-sized pieces to create an organic, free-flowing style.

  • Brick retaining walls classically styled from clay or concrete bricks come in patterns like running bond or herringbone patterns, providing visual interest.

  • Concrete retaining walls, often curved, are made of poured and stamped concrete for seamless durability, and we can color or texture them.

  • We also provide green retaining walls that incorporate plants grown into the wall itself, adding a softening effect.

  • We design retaining walls with in-built seating that work well along the periphery of patios and pool decks.

Residential and Commercial Retaining Walls

The retaining wall possibilities are nearly endless. Our design team works closely with you to select the optimal retaining wall style and material that flawlessly addresses your functional needs while elevating your landscape's aesthetic. We properly install the best retaining wall system for your unique vision and site specifics for enduring and impressive results.

Our company has expertise with residential retaining walls, but we also handle major commercial retaining wall projects for significant developments, multi-family properties, or industrial parks. The functionality often differs between residential versus commercial sites, and the scale and visibility tend to be greater.

Customized Retaining Wall Construction

No matter the location and scale, we provide solutions customized to each property's terrain, architectural theme, and functional requirements. Our tailored approach allows us to construct retaining walls suited to their surroundings.

For information about our retaining walls and other hardscaping services, please call New Finish Landscapes & Design at 612-296-0974. If you prefer to email us, use this Contact Us form, and we will call you to discuss the project specifics and set up an onsite visit and consultation.

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