Pool Decks

Pool Decks, Bloomington, MN

The area surrounding an in-ground pool is just as important as the pool itself regarding functionality, safety, and aesthetics. New Finish Landscapes & Design specializes in installing stunning pool decks using premier materials designed to complement each client's pool and landscape.

Proper pool decking provides a non-slip surface, accommodates water drainage, and allows ample space for lounging and entertaining. Our custom decks become seamless extensions of the poolscape. We handle new pool deck installations and upgrades and replacements of existing pool surrounds. Trust our expertise to construct the ideal pool deck showcasing your unique style.

Pool Deck Materials

Various natural stone, paver, and concrete options allow for custom designs, and we use materials such as these in our pool decks:

  • Concrete Pavers - Interlocking concrete pavers withstand wet conditions, and they come in shape and color options like slate gray or tumbled brick.

  • Natural Stone - Bluestone, travertine, and granite bring natural texture. Sandstone and flagstone offer organic shapes.

  • Brick - Classic fired clay brick in varied earthy shades. Patterns like herringbone increase visual interest.

  • Tile - Glazed ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles offer rich colors and patterns like mosaics.

  • Exposed Aggregate – This is concrete with the top layer washed off, revealing visually appealing stones.

  • Stamped Concrete – It is concrete molded and colored to mimic stone, wood, or other textures.

  • Permeable Pavers – These allow water to drain through gaps between pavers into gravel beds.

Pool Design Ideas and Plans

We help select the ideal decking material, pairing aesthetics, safety, durability, and affordability. Sometimes, our clients request very novel designs and patterns. In these situations, we may use a combination of materials to create a unique style and design that meets our client's requirements.

We take the time to understand our client's ideas, and sometimes, they also provide inspirational images or drawings they have seen and liked. We work hard to include their ideas and vision into our plans and provide 3D renderings for them to approve.

This approach ensures our clients get superb pool decks perfect for their families' needs. In addition to residential pools, we also help design and install commercial pools in hospitality settings. Designing an attractive pool is only one part of the job; ensuring that it is durable, easy to maintain, and lasting also matters, and we focus on all these aspects in a balanced manner.

Custom Pool Deck Design and Installation

Our complete pool decking services include the following:

  • Collaborative planning and 3D concept renderings
  • Layout for optimal dimensions, flow, and functionality
  • Excavating and grading the deck area
  • Installing subsurface gravel beds for proper drainage
  • Framing any integrated elements like pergolas or benches
  • Hand-laying pavers or pouring/stamping concrete
  • Incorporating special touches like mosaics or compass inlays
  • Sealing surfaces and grouting gaps for a polished finish
  • Ensuring slip resistance for safety and comfort

As mentioned earlier, we also handle coping replacement projects involving pool deck upgrades in the same project. Our comprehensive services help us construct stunning, enduring pool decks that beautifully complement your poolscape.

For information about our pool deck design and build solutions, please call New Finish Landscapes & Design at 612-296-0974. If you prefer to email us, use this Contact Us form, and we will call you to discuss the project specifics and set up an onsite visit and consultation.

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