Decorative Water Features

Water Features, Bloomington, MN

Decorative water features lend a tranquil ambiance and natural charm to any landscape or garden space. Their sights and sounds create a relaxing escape. When choosing a water feature, the style and materials should match the surrounding architecture and plantings.

We help clients select focal points like ponds, bubblers, and stone fountains that perfectly complement existing spaces for harmonious aesthetics. We know that creating a balanced landscape or outdoor area involves correctly proportioned elements and features, which is what we prioritize.

New Finish Landscapes & Design is a leading hardscaping company providing a diverse selection of custom water features to clients in Twin City's Metro area, and surrounding areas. Our experts handle designing and building splendid water elements to enhance the beauty of your existing outdoor space.

We make the process smooth from concept to completion and provide our clients with superb water features that enhance their outdoor area aesthetic and appeal. Our creative designers can plan and design these elements in various styles to fit well in your landscape.

Different Water Feature Types

Creating a stunning, well-balanced, sustainable landscape involves using various elements and installations in the right measure, and it’s why we offer a variety of water feature options such as:

  • Koi ponds and ornamental pools - We construct ponds integrating water plants and floating plants that may incorporate stones, waterfalls, or fountains.

  • Fountains - From peaceful bubbling rock fountains to dramatic multi-tiered fountains, we build focal points suited to your style.

  • Waterfalls and cascade features - We design stunning rock waterfall features incorporating LED lighting for glow.

  • Ponds and streams - We construct living streams and ponds integrating aquatic plants.

  • Stone vessel fountains - These incorporate unique sculpted or antique vessels spilling or bubbling water.

  • Wall fountains and scuppers - We install these elegant water features into walls and structures for soothing sounds.

  • Japanese bamboo spouts - These create pleasant sights and sounds using repetitive bamboo tips.

  • Bubblers and splash pads - For simple interactive elements, air or jets of water produce bubbles and splash pools.

  • Rain chains - These are a lovely alternative to standard downspouts, and they drain water artfully off roofs or shade structures.

Customized Decorative Water Features

Whether you prefer a stunning fountain or a simple rock waterfall, our water feature services allow you to add special custom touches reflecting your personal taste and landscape vision. We take time to understand how you envision integrating a water element into your existing space before recommending options that perfectly complement the surroundings.

This careful planning allows us to provide the ideal signature water feature to enhance your landscape's tranquility and charm for many years of enjoyment. Every detail, from water sounds to placement to style, materials, and scale, is thoughtfully designed to align with the architecture and plantings. We handle every aspect of the project very carefully, including conceptualization and professional installation, ensuring the best results.

Decorative Water Features for Residential and Commercial Properties

Our water features become striking focal points while adding aesthetic value and creating a welcoming ambiance on your property. We handle decorative water feature installations on larger commercial properties where we may use multiple elements to create a balanced outdoor space.

For information about our decorative water features and other hardscaping services, please call New Finish Landscapes & Design at 612-296-0974. If you prefer to email us, use this Contact Us form, and we will call you to discuss the project specifics and set up an onsite visit and consultation.

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