Stairs, Bloomington, MN

Properties with multiple levels, steep slopes, or elevations often require outdoor stairs to connect landscapes and maximize usability. Proper planning and installation are crucial so these stairs are safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Our experienced team provides specialized landscape stair services to create the ideal exterior access for your home, landscapes, gardens, and yards.

New Finish Landscapes & Design offers clients a wide selection of superbly crafted outdoor stairs across Twin City's Metro area. Our customized approach, backed by technical expertise, allows us to construct stairs that address unique access needs with style. You can expect creative, high-quality stairs and adjacent installations built to impress and endure.

Where We Install Outdoor Stairs

Depending on the property's topography and our client's requirements, we can install stairs in various areas, such as:

  • Sloping backyards
  • Multi-tiered properties
  • Accessing deck and patio levels
  • Negotiating grade changes
  • Connecting rear entries to landscapes
  • Descending from elevated pools, spas, and cabanas
  • Linking driveway entrances to front doors

Materials We Use on Outdoor Stairs

Depending on the desired aesthetic, we may use various materials in our outdoor stair installations, including:

  • Paver blocks - Paver blocks made of concrete or natural stone create attractive, durable outdoor stairs. We assemble these modular blocks using specialized techniques for strength and stability. The treads can incorporate varied colors, textures, and patterns. Pavers allow rainwater to drain through the stairs, preventing damage. Their modular nature also simplifies repairs if needed. Paver block stairs complement diverse design styles.

  • Concrete stairs - Poured concrete is an excellent stair material for a seamless, minimalist look. Concrete offers tremendous durability to withstand heavy use. Our forms produce sleek lines and ideal tread depths to meet code. We use a fiber-reinforced mix and proper curing to prevent cracking. The concrete can be stamped or stained to mimic stone, wood, or other finishes. Concrete's plasticity allows flowing curved designs. Concrete stairs match contemporary or traditional homes.

  • Natural stone slabs - Natural stone slab stairs create a dramatic statement for a high-end aesthetic. Granites, sandstones, slates, and limestones all provide unique charm. We carefully select slip-resistant stone slabs that contain minimal veining for safety and consistency. We cut each piece precisely to size and secure it over a concrete base. The variegated colors and patterns of natural stone produce one-of-a-kind stairs. Stone‚Äôs strength and slip resistance make it ideal for outdoor stairs.

Custom Stair Design and Installation

Our team handles every facet of your stair construction from initial concept through flawless installation. We work with you on a design customized for your terrain, architecture, and vision before building the stairs properly to code. Our precise approach allows us to meet unique access needs creatively. We provide custom outdoor stairs that stand out for their seamless integration, functionality, safety, and enduring beauty.

High-Quality Stairs for Yards and Landscapes

For stunning, dependable landscape stairs, we are the company to call. Our stairs provide the perfect marriage of form and function to upgrade your outdoor living space.

For information about our stairs and other hardscaping services, please call New Finish Landscapes & Design at 612-296-0974. If you prefer to email us, use this Contact Us form, and we will call you to discuss the project specifics and set up an onsite visit and consultation.

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