Garden Landscapes

Garden Landscapes, Bloomington, MN

Your garden is a personal sanctuary reflecting your unique personality and vision. However, with professional care, gardens become unruly and retain their magic. New Finish Landscapes & Design provides premium garden landscaping services that restore and elevate your garden space. We offer these services to residential and commercial property owners in Twin City's Metro area, and surrounding areas.

Our horticulture experts and landscape artists help you bring positive energy into your garden by customizing and upgrading its design, structures, greenery, accents, lighting, and more. We begin by understanding your aspirations before tailoring enhancements to match your taste and lifestyle, and we are passionate about cultivating gardens that inspire delight.

Benefits of Professional Garden Landscaping

Investing in professional garden landscaping delivers tremendous value through:

  • Breathtaking aesthetics from cohesive design and varied plantings
  • Functionality from purposeful layouts based on how you use the space
  • Optimized plant health with proper care, nutrition, and maintenance
  • Mitigating problems like drainage issues or diseased vegetation
  • Personalization to your preferences versus cookie-cutter gardens
  • Convenience of professional upkeep while you relax and enjoy
  • Added property value and sales appeal from a polished landscape

Well-tended gardens that our experts design provide a pleasant outdoor space where you and your family can unwind and relax. These garden landscapes create welcoming areas on commercial properties that uplift curb appeal and lend a professional look to the space.

Garden Landscaping Styles

We bring all types of garden designs to life, including:

  • Cottage Gardens are charming and informal, displaying hardy native perennials and flowering shrubs.

  • Japanese Gardens have tranquil Zen-inspired designs with water features, ornamental grasses and evergreens.

  • English Gardens are romantic and lush with rose beds, flowering trees, meandering paths and arbors.

  • Mediterranean Gardens are bright, informal gardens with tile, stone, climbing vines and drought-tolerant plants.

  • Modern Gardens showcase structured minimalist designs with succulents, geometric patterns, and contemporary accents.

  • Edible Gardens have attractive beds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs for fresh homegrown produce.

  • Naturalistic gardens are shade-lovers and have ferns, hostas and azaleas.

  • Rock Gardens include beautiful stone and boulder formations planted with alpines and drought-tolerant species.

The possibilities are endless, and we design and plan the garden landscape of your dreams.

Our Customized Garden Services

We tailor every stage of the process to fit your unique vision, which includes:

  • Collaborative consultation and concept development
  • Master planning for ideal layouts and functionality
  • Designing stunning visual focal points like water features
  • Curating trees, plants, and flowers that thrive in your growing conditions
  • Proper structural improvements like walkways, trellises, and seating
  • Selecting striking accents like sculpture, containers, and lighting
  • Ongoing maintenance for health, bloom, and seasonal interest
  • Sourcing rare specimen plants if desired

Our designers handle all the details to craft distinctive, holistic gardens reflecting your style. We can also breathe new life into existing, dated gardens on residential and commercial properties.

Customized Garden Landscape Plans

Revitalize your garden landscape and outdoor living space by contacting our knowledgeable and creative team today. Our custom services help gardens reach their full potential for beauty, sustainability, and enjoyment. You deserve an outdoor sanctuary tailored just for you.

For information about our garden landscape and other services, please call New Finish Landscapes & Design at 612-296-0974. If you prefer to email us, use this Contact Us form, and we will call you to discuss the project specifics and set up an onsite visit and consultation.

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