Drainage Solutions, Bloomington, MN

Adequate drainage is vital, even for smaller residential gardens and yards, to prevent water accumulation, flooding, and damage. Excess moisture can become hazardous and promote mold, mosquitoes, and landscape erosion. Drainage systems properly divert runoff through intentional grading, subsurface pipes, and gravel beds.

We recommend drainage for site health for all Bloomington area landscapes, no matter the size. Our company handles these jobs for residential and commercial clients and tailors these features to their property’s needs.

New Finish Landscapes & Design offers specialized drainage system planning and installation for landscapes of all sizes across Twin City's Metro area. We assess your existing grades and layout to engineer solutions that properly direct excess water away from structures. Our professionally installed drains keep landscapes lush and healthy while safeguarding your home, hardscapes, and plants from flooding.

Different Drainage System Types

Proper drainage hinges on selecting and installing the right solutions based on the landscape specifics. We assess slopes, soil permeability, yard features, and structures to determine optimal drainage methods:

  • Catch basins & area drains – We install these in low spots to intercept water and divert it underground into pipes or gravel beds, preventing pooling.

  • French drains - Perforated pipes wrapped in gravel that move water away below grade. We install along foundations, patios, retaining walls, and other water-prone areas.

  • Rain gardens - Shallow planted pits that allow rain absorption by water-tolerant native plants instead of runoff, which improves water quality.

  • Swales - Broad and shallow trenches lined with grass or rocks that transport water across a property and help avoid flooding.

  • Water diverters - Sloped concrete, asphalt, or stone channels redirecting water away from structures and foundations.

  • Yard drains – These gravel beds allow rainwater percolation into the soil for gentle dispersion, and we use them where flooding is infrequent.

  • Downspout extensions - We redirect water from roof gutter downspouts away from buildings through flexible tubing.

The right drainage approach depends on a site's specific conditions and problem areas. We often use a combination of these methods tuned to the layout and features to direct water optimally through the property without pooling. Our solutions allow landscapes to flourish.

Professional Grading and Drainage Installation

Don’t underestimate proper drainage for healthy landscapes and protecting your home. Our team assesses your needs and terrain to engineer the ideal drainage solutions. We then handle the professional installation of drains and grading for an effective system that maintains your landscape's integrity for the long term.

We handle expansive commercial drainage projects with the same skill and expertise as smaller residential ones. For information about our drainage and other landscaping services, please call New Finish Landscapes & Design at 612-296-0974. If you prefer to email us, use this Contact Us form, and we will call you to discuss the project requirements or schedule an onsite visit and consultation.

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